The holding company of TGB Group is Tan Gee Beng Pte Ltd (TGB), a Singapore incorporated company. TGB was established in November 1967 and was founded by Dato Tan Gee Beng.

Tan Gee Beng Pte Ltd is the main holding company of the group. Its area of business include investment holdings, trading and property owners of conserved shophouses in Singapore

During the 1960s and 1970s, there was an economic boom in SouthEast Asia and Dato’ Tan envisioned and seized the opportunity by trading actively with the neighbouring countries, especially Indonesia.

Since then, Tan Gee Beng Pte Ltd has grown and is now well established in the region. Its operations have now spread to 4 countries, namely, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and New Zealand.

Tan Gee Beng Pte Ltd is the main holding company of the group. Its area of business include investment holdings, trading and property owners of conserved shophouses in Singapore. Total Market Value of Assets managed by the Group in 2020 is in excess of SGD206 million.

1. Asia Vets Holdings Ltd (AVH- formerly known as Smartflex Holdings Ltd [SHL]) and its subsidiary, Smartflex Technology Pte Ltd (SPTL), a subsidiary of TGB since 2005. STPL is a leading independent contract manufacturer for fabrication and packaging of smart cards chip modules in the region. STPL was sold to a private equity fund in 2016 and SHL was subsequently called AVH & acquired a group of vet clinics in August 2018.

2. TGB Properties Pte Ltd
Property investment holding company. It invests in Singapore commercial property and rents them out as shops & offices.

3. Other investments include:
Real Estate : Sing Holding Ltd
Pharmaceutical : Sunward Pharmaceutical Pte Ltd
Technology : D-Simlab Technologies Pte Ltd & Orastream Pte Ltd

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Director Information

Dato’ Tan Cheng Chow @ Tan Gee Beng

1967 – 2020
Dato’ Tan founded Tan Gee Beng Pte Ltd in 1967 and became its Executive Chairman since then. TGB Group is involved in property development, property holdings, trading and manufacturing. TGB Group has operations in Singapore, Malaysia, China and New Zealand.

1950 – 1960
Dato’ Tan started trading groceries in 1951. He had later ventured into shipping and mining business in the 1960s and was one of the leading mining contractors then. In 1965, he founded Dah Yung (Steel) Pte Ltd, an industrial gas manufacturer. Dah Yung was listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange in 1974. In the 60s, he had also co-founded Nanyang Finance Ltd, a finance company in Singapore and Nanyang Realty Pte Ltd, an active property developer in Singapore then.

Managing Director
Mr Tan Tong Guan

1991 – 2020
Mr Tan Tong Guan is an Executive Director of Tan Gee Beng Pte Ltd, Executive Chairman & CEO of Asia Vets Holdings Ltd (formerly known as Smartflex Holdings Ltd)(Feb 2010 – todate) and AVH Animal Ark Pte Ltd (Aug 2018 – todate). He was the Executive Chairman of Smartflex Technology Pte Ltd (Jan 2006 – July 2016). He was also an Executive Director of Nanyang Finance Ltd, a licensed finance company from Dec 1991 to March 2003. Besides, Mr. Tan was also the Chairman of the Audit Committee of a listed property developer. He was previously the Lead Independent Director & Chairman of Audit Committee of a listed finance company for 9 years until he retired (a Corporate Governance requirement for Financial Institution in Singapore).

Recently conferred PBM (Pingat Bakti Masyarakat), which is Public Service Medal by the President of Singapore at the National Day Award 2020.

1987 – 1991
Mr Tan worked as auditors in an International Public Accounting Firm, KPMG Peat Marwick.


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